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Attribute Quantities, any way to specify?


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I have some products that come in different flavors and sizes. Like a protein shake will come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, and a vitamin supplement will come in amounts of either 60 or 120 capsules, etc.


I use attributes to do this on each item, but the thing is, that I need to specify how much of each attribute I have. So say I have 40 jars of the portein shake, I may have 20 chocolate, 10 vanilla, 10 strawberry. I need to specify it like that, because if I just put it down as 40, I may sell out of one flavor, yet people might still try to buy it.


I searched the contributions, and I couldnt find anything about listing quantities for attributes. If anyone can think of a way for me to do this, please let me know! If I happened to miss a contribution that does this already, please provide a link. Any help with this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I just installed QTpro, but I am not seeing anywhere to list the quantities per attribute. I think that just shows how many of each attribute were sold, but it doesn let me specify how many I have. :(


I guess its one step closer to what I need though. Any other ideas?

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