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The e-commerce.

perfume shop - need advice


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I've setup oscommerce for a new perfume shop and I was wondering if you have any tips advice on the following.


what I would like is to only enter a product (brand) once and give the visitor the option to select the following options per perfume:


- volume (30-50-100-150ml)

- kind of perfume (EDT-EDP-Aftershave-Parfum)


I have found out that I can do this with the attribute-sets. The problem is, how do I put together the price?


With only 1 option (f.ex. volume) there is no problem, I simply then take the cheapest option and fill in the extra $$$ per option. However, when there are two

different options/variables, it becomes a problem, because there is no real specific added value for the volume/kond of perfume per brand. This varies.


Any idea how to best set this up?


I was thinking probably I will have to go with entries with only 1 select option like....


Christian Dior - Chanel 5 EDT (volume selection)

Christian Dior - Chanel 5 EDP (volume selection)


Of course it would be nicer if it would be possible to be able to enter :


Christian Dior - Chanel 5 (with volume selection + perfume kind)


however this really depends on whether there is a way to calculate/show the right price.


Any advice would be much appreciated. Maybe you have set something like this up and know a better solution..


Thanks a lot



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as you dont have that many attributes and they are all the same, without having to do more programming in attribute sets, just use the attributes which osCommerce has, and then you can set the price there.

else you need a few more contributions.


or uninstall attribute sets and install unique attributes, that has a price option. however the downside to both contributions is no sort order.

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