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Could some one help me with this? I havae had tons of hits to my site, but not ONE sale!! The only form of payment I'm offering is PayPal. I figured that since PayPal is a HUGE part of Ebay, it must be a good source to use. Please look at my site and see if there is something that you can see that I cannot.




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1. You really have not gotten that many hits ... 14,000 is not a lot. Although to have converted nothing from that...


2. You have a very poor layout - your site is stock and the color choice - not my fav - and not well suited to your product line. Customers are savy these days - rethink your presentation.


3. Nobody here can do anything to help your sales but you. Scope your competition - see what makes the sucessful ones sucessful... and use it to make yourself sucessful.


4. While Paypal is a well known payment gateway - I only use it beacuse i have to - people still dont get that you can use it to pay by CC without having to fund an account and blah blah blah... choice would be your friend :)

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I am going to be blunt here (for a change :P ).

Your site is called Attic Of Elegance, there is nothing Elegant about your site from the header on down. It reminds me more of Attic Of Gouls!!!


There is nothing wrong with your products such as Frosted Alabastrite Mary Light, but Elegant is not the word I would use to describe it. Maybe if I lived in a Trailer Park I would think of it as elegent, but that is not the general population.


That does not mean your products don't have their place in the world. I think your be served better as marketing yourself as www.tackyhomedecor.com.


Better association with your site name and the products you sell will help by directing the correct traffic towards your site.


On another note you need to install header tags and you need to do a lot of SEO work. For a site that has 14,000 hits you have no Google PR which makes me beleive that most of those hits are you. How many unique vistors have you had?


Sit back, relax, and think about how to better position yourself in the market place. Even if that means changing domain names. Since you have no PR it is a good time to do it.


I hope that came across the right way, trying to be helpful.



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In addition to what others have said, I would suggest picking a market and sticking to it. Looking at your products, you are selling pet supplies, gifts, home decor, and other stuff. Looks like you just picked a bunch of dropshippers and listed any product you can find. Pick a category and become knowledgeable about it and sell those products.


Create enthusiam with your descriptions and images in order to sell them. In a brick and mortar retail store, you would interact with the customers, answer their questions and sell your items, either personally or with sales associates. Well online, your website is your sales associate. It has to be able to "talk" to the customer and answer their questions if you want the sale. Your website needs to inspire confidence in the consumer otherwise they will go to one of a million other shops selling the same items. You can do this by installing SSL, posting your mailing address on every page and getting a toll-free number in order to answer questions or process orders. I would also suggest revisiting your shipping & returns policy as well as your privacy policy. Look at major seller to see what their policies are.


I think it is less about what you sell but how you sell it. Your products are not unique and I can buy anyone of them at eBay for a lot less in price or at one of your many competitors. Every cheap dropshipper offers the same bargain products. You need to differentiate yourself from this mass-market. You cannot compete against established players and brick and mortar retailers like Wal-mart and Big Lots which also sell the same products. What you need to do is become the Gourmet Restaurant of Gifts. Find some unique wholesalers, stock a little inventory and build a business based on unique or at least less widely available products.


It will take some hard work but if you stick with it and are actually interested in building a business and not the quick buck then it will be worth it in the long run.

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Hello, I like your site, other than some of the pictures not being sized right, I think you have done a great job, as far as making sales, you just really need to promote your site. I would buy something from you if I had more money.

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Apart from your site being STOCK your missing a very important price on your products $1.00 or LESS.


I can go into any of the shop in the costa del what ever or the nearest ?1.00 shop and buy most of waht you have for less than what you are selling it for.


I've seen "tourist" caravans (mobile homes) decorated in better tack as I pass them by on the road.


Get up market. Pick a higher class product. Specialise in one sector and prosper.


Finally try a bit harder than stock. Your Welcome GUEST banner on the home page is not very inviting.



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I am sorry if I came across a little harsh, my deepest appologies if I did.  Nothing was intended to be taken personally.



I enjoy reading your recommendations as I'm also looking to "better" my site. Thanks for sharing is all I have to say.

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You could sell a large range of items, you just have to name yourself the right name... something that fits, because those products are far from "elegant" I'm sorry to say...


Off topic ( I love reading what peter says hehe, I usually wait until after he comments.. :D )

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If you want sales get an SSL cert, join the bbb, and start advertising on google or overture. I personally would not buy from a site not part of the bbb or without a ssl cert. Its all about trust. The more trust customers have in you the more sales you will get.

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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