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Catagory Colors


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I want to change the colors on my store that I am working on, however they are controlled by the style for links.


However, I don't want to change the style for all links...


Could someone help me out and let me know the best way to get this done?


The way I am thinking of, sounds pretty painful, and I am a pretty big nube so I am sure there is a better way.


thanks in advance guys.






(ps: I did do a search to try to find this but to no avail, if htere is allready a thread about this, please point me towards it?)

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colors are controlled by the stylesheet and you will have to edit them there.

i use topstyle for looking at my stylesheets (the demo version) and then edit them in a text editor then reupload to the site.

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yeah, I should have been more clear...


The style for my catagories is controled by the A style, because they are links. If I change the color for that style, it changes teh color of ALL links. I only want to change the color in the catagories box, not the whole site.


How can I change the style for just those links?

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The class for the links applies to all of the categories. If you want to have some links use a different class using the existing code, you would need to edit the code in boxes/categories.php to change the class based on which category it is building.



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