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Manufacturer Description


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I am new in posting and if I posted this on the wrong board please let me know.


I been trying for months to write Manufacturer descriptions for my manufacturers. In my store when a customer clicks on a category or Manufacturer the products come up automaticaly which is good. What I want to do is to be able to write a paragraph or two about the Manufacturer and maybe put in a picture. I have lots of Manufacturers in my store who sell similar products and I would like to give more information to my customers to make selecting proper product lines easier.


Can someone please let me know how this is done . I have been looking at other OS commerce stores and everyone else seems to have this. I have looked at contributions and could not find one so this should be build into the store somewhere I think. I have also looked at tricks and nothing there.


Please help!


Many Thanks.

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Hi Grimm,


I wanted to achieve something similar - with a description and image above my manufacturers product list, so I came up with a way of achieving this.


I'm not sure if it is entirely what you are looking for, but it could be close. It can be found at this thread.


There is also the Manufacturers Popup Window contribution which may be of help to you.

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thanks Iwik. This looks like what I am looking for. Is there anyway I can look at your site to get a felling for how it looks live. I am starting to get excited as I think this is the solution.

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Unfortunately no. All my testing & store development isn't done on a live site, so I can't supply you with a URL at all. I'm developing my store offline so that when it is ready to be implemented, it's just a matter of uploading it to the web server.


Sorry I couldn't have been more help to you in regards to seeing it in action.

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