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The e-commerce.

Use wholesale prices in system, and assign groups.


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I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature to oscommerce to allow you to either input retail price for your site (as you have it now), or allow a second setup option to instead input wholesale pricing into the site.


From there, you can assign groups. Each group will have a certain markup % you assign to them, and the site will markup each item's price accordingly to their groups rate. Also there would need to be a default group to assign a default markup % for those who come to the site as a guest (who haven't signed into the site yet).


Also, when a sub registers, he is assigned to this default group, and then I can move him to another group that offers less of a markup % based on his company's pre-arrangement they have with me for product discount programs.


My site is http://twinworld.ca/

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most of that is in a contribution b2b . .

I have logged a post that concerns a problem with b2b.


Maybe you can help?


When I log on as a wholesale account.....system generates wholesale price (correct one)....but If I purchase a couple of items on special (only on the retail side) the shopping cart detail shows correct price (wholesale 9.00), however the subtotal on the detail of the shopping cart shows $25.54 (special price of 12.77/pair x 2 = $25.54. Also the shopping cart total shown on top left hand of page also shows subtotal $25.54.


However on checkout.....proper monies charged to paypal, etc.


I have a feeling it is in my Index.php?


Have you ever heard of that b4?



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