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Warning: Stay AWAY from PaySystems.com!


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My Fellow Merchant,

I am writing this message so you do not get burned alive as I have. I urge you to take the time to read it, it will save you thousands of hard EARNED dollars.



In August of 2003 I began credit card processing with PaySystems.com. Everything went smoothly, however, I decided to leave them several months ago due to their absurd transaction fees. I joined WorldPay, and the next week Visa and MasterCard discontinued PaySystem's Internet Business Account (IBA) program. Visa and MasterCard stated that PaySystems.com was incurring too high a chargeback rate, and was well above industry average. PaySystems informed all it's clients it would be withholding all remittances, but would be release them within 6 months.



I am walking home from the mailbox, and I nearly die. I almost choked on the words I read. I got a letter stating that a review had been finished on my account and that they had determined a fee to apply to my account.


The fee came to a whopping $2,250 USD and it has been deducted from the over $4,400 USD they currently owe me (I have not seen a single penny). PaySystems charged me $50 per MasterCard refund which they felt was "excessive". This was the bulk of the fee. How did they justify placing such a large fee on refunds? These were refunds to customers, money I owed them when they returned parts. 100% Bonified refunds. PaySystems said that refunds over 5% were considered chargeback avoidance, and proceeded to charge double the chargeback rate ($25) per refund!


I sell car parts, not drugs or porno. I am an honest, hardworking businessman and in my entire time with PaySystems I received only 6 chargebacks. Now when I check my account balance at MyPaySystems.com, it shows that they only owe me $0.02 USD, that's 2 cents, and now this is my 2 cents, how ironic.


What I have to say to my fellow merchants is this:

I have always had a dream of owning my own business and making it big. Even though times haven't been the best, I was very proud of myself for even breaking even and putting it all on the line. After receiving this letter, I am unsure if I will be able to go on in business, I currently do not have the money to finance this expense. My dreams are shattered, and the years I spent have all been in vain. I ask that you all please be proud of your accomplishments and think twice before you jump into any situation. Ask yourself if your doing business with the best the industry has to offer. If they aren't the best, then why aren't they the leader, and why should you do business with them? You deserve the best and every cent you earned with your blood, sweat and tears! Please keep your head up, and do not get burned as I have with PaySystems.


If your an entrepreneur, business person, or dreamer, I salute you.


Yours Sincerely,

Ryan Park

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Thanks Ryan! 


And good luck in the future.  Don't get yourself down, if you did it once, you can do it again!!  Keep up the good hard work, we're all pulling for you!


Thank you very much, I have started a domain PaySystemsFraud.com which will be online very soon, it will detail the struggle and how we can win!

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Have you tried calling PaySystems and speaking to someone about this? I was able to get a charge reversed with CardReady when they were charging me a cancellation fee. You should call PaySystems and speak up the management chain, they will likely be understanding as most businesses are. If you still don't get responses, then file a grievance with the Better Business Bureau. They will give PaySystems the opportunity to respond. Try all avenues before you give up on this charge. And most of all, don't give up on your buisiness. If you have managed to break even, then you are doing well. Now you just need to keep moving forward and growing the business. Don't PaySystems win by changing the future of your life, rise above them and be more successful than them.

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