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The e-commerce.

I can not write to my files using the file manager


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I'm sure there is a very simple solution i have overlooked but have combed through and can't find anything. This is the error message I'm getting:


Error: I can not write to this file. Please set the right user permissions on: /home/thousand/public_html/ecommerce/os/catalog//index.php


I have set my permissions to allow access - I can't upload, edit, or overwrite any files.


I installed the automated version through dot 5 hosting.


I'm using internet explorer.


Thanks! :blink:

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you are also showing a wrong path in the error message as you have ecommerce/os/catalog//index.php instead of ecommerce/os/catalog/index.php


It is better to use an ftp program such as ws_ftp to download a file edit offline then ftp upload this avoids any of the known errors caused by editing online using the file manager, such errors as header already sent which is caused by introducing whitespace into the code or a parse errror often caused by removal of backslashes from the code

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I agree with all the comments above, and when I work from home I can use the various required tools, Dreamweaver, SmartFTP etc. When I'm at work I have no access to my web service provider because my company firewall doesn't let me in.


I would like to use the file manage function in admin as I know this is a back door route to which I can upload php files. Unfortunately since I've installed the user admin contribution I can no longer upload files and get the following error message:


Error: I can not write to this directory. Please set the right user permissions on: /home/pmtzqmjy/public_html/php/admin/includes


Please can somebody suggest how I sort this out? I used to be able to upload from work, but now I cannot. And before anyone says it.... I know I should be working at work and not messing around with php stuff.





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I have the same issue as my company does not allow me to access control panel for my website. (They block all ports other than 80 on outside websites.) However, I have found that I can modify the files from UltraEdit using its in-built ftp client. (File = > FTP => Open from FTP)

I am not sure if this is helpful. Just my 2 cents.

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Strongly advise dont use file manager because it will create other problems and it will be harder to fix

my suggestion is use ftp client here is the free one

Core FTP Litedownload the file you want to edit and try not to use microsoft word or anything else fancy. Use notepad or dreamweaver or any proper php editor and the reason is if you use other editors and file manager it will add some white spaces at the end of your file and it will make mess

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Thanks for all the advise, but I don't have access to FTP either. The protocol is blocked at my office. They really don't trust us!


I'm only asking for advise on access through file manager for creating and practising php coding which is all new to me. I will be creating a new directory and only creating test pages. Eventually I hope to be able to write contributions but in the mean time, i'd just like to be able to practise.





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