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Changing margins to tiled images


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Firstly, Hi :)


I've just started work on my first ever shopping cart, I "think" I'm going to be able to do this but I guess I'll be asking lots of questions along the way. I'm using a fairly simple freebie template from 7Dana, but intend to use it only as a foundation. Changing most things along the way, as my confidence/knowledge grows.

I've done a search and can't really find the answer to my question.


My cart is set to be of fixed size, so either side of the "content" there are two margins. These are currently defined as a colour. I want to use a small gif texture file instead, tiled to fill the area on both sides.


If you know the answer please explain in "newb" for me.



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Figured this out now, it dawned on me that I had searched for "colour" not "color" :)

The code required in stylesheet.css is:


BODY { BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(images/stripe.gif);


Gif file is in the images folder, it tiles too, result!


I'm sure I'll be back with more questions :)

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