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osCommerce and HSBC


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For work I've been given the job of intergrating HSBC (UK) CPI payments into an osCommerce site. My first port of call was the contrib site, where I found 2 different HSBC modules, one dated 2-Feb 2004 and the other dated 3-May 2004. I downloaded the more recent of the two files and there the problems begun....


I installed the module and entered the customer's details but when I tried to order something on the test store I got a Fatal Error aboutt mhash not being a recognised command. After a lot of messing around we finally got a newer version of PHP and compiled mhash into it. Now when I try buying something, I get a requester warning me that I've been redirected to HSBC's secure site, but then I get redirected right back to the osCommerce site with an error message saying the Storefront is misconfigured.


I looked at the other, older module and found that seems to call an external program that will need putting on the server. After all the messing around needed to get mhash working I'm not too keen on taking this approach. I also noticed there were several files in the Feb version of the HSBC module, while the May version only had the hsbc.php file plus language files.


Neither module have much in the way of documentation included and my best efforts with Google have failed to turn anything up.


Searching on this board hasn't helped much either, as the HSBC thread is now enormous and only seems to contain problems with no posts detailing solutions. What I really need is some kind of howto or walkthrough. I'd prefer using the May module but if we have to use the Feb module then I'll see what I can arrange with the server techs about getting the HSBC programs on the server.


I would have posted on the HSBC thread but I'm afraid that the post would just get lost in that huge thread, and I really need to sort this out soon, prefribally today, as the customer is getting anxious to get the site up and running. So if you can get in touch with solutions then please do ao ASAP

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After playing with it some more (I changed the merchant number to include the prefix and postfix that the default one had) the error message changed to "The processor did not return a response.". I'm obviously doing something really wrong here, but I don't know what. I don't have access to the HSBC account in question as the merchant who requested the site set it up.


So far I've uploaded the hsbc.php module and associated language file, clicked the "install" button on the module control panel and entered the information the user gave me. Is there something else that needs to be done? Do existing osCommerce files need to be edited? Is there some file that's missing and needs to be added? We already recompiled PHP with mhash and mcrypt.

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