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The e-commerce.

Shopping cart and page navigation.


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I am having an issue with my cart clearing due to, what I am assuming is, incorrectly linking within OSC pages. This is a 2 part question, with what I hope will be a simple answer.


1. I have created the site to where there is an HTML "splash page" to guide a client to different parts of the site i.e. gallery, store etc. Anytime the client returns to the homepage the carts clears. Is there some "header or code that I need to add to non OSC pages so that it doesn't loose their session information?


2. Most links within the store are built into the template, with the exception of categories and products (i.e. cart, contact, specials, new products etc.)

I have linked to the respective files such as contact_us.php or Shopping_cart.php however, although the links work, they arrive with a clear carts. How should these be linked so that this doesn't happen.


I hope there's someone out there that can help me. I have tried, to the best of my ability, to search the forums and oscommerce.info for answer but have been unsuccessful. I am fairly new with PHP but have been able to successfully smaller things here and there.


Thanks in advance,

Jimmy R. Keesee

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