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Promotional Codes


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Does anyone have any idea how I might add a line on the payment/checkout page that allows the user to enter a promotional code and then have the program automatically calculate a discount percentage? I am very new to this so I apologize in advance if this is very easy and I missed it.

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search contibutions think ive seen one in there that does that


:'( wow, I think I saw one somewhere also, mmm, maybe maybe not :blink:


Right In contributions you could look for ccgv - Credit Class & Gift Voucher contribution, or use this link:




I hope this helps a little more than the previous post. :thumbsup:

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I think I am confused or was not clear enough. I did search through some of the files and they all look great but I am looking for one that does specifically the following:


-I want to be able to give out promotional codes to different people for different discounts (i.e. promo code 1105 will give you 20% off; promo code 1234 will give you 15% off...etc...)


-I want to have the user add their code (if they have one) to the checkout page and have the discount calculated based on which code they enter


-this would also allow me to track where the sale came from..for example if I give out code 1234 at a party I know that the customer was at that party.


I have seen this on sites, but cannot find it now. I was wondering if there is a way to do this with OS Commerce??


Thank you for all your help and comments.

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