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PayPal IPN questions


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I just installed the PayPal IPN ver 2.8 in my test instance of OSC and I have a few problems and questions. For what it's worth, I did try searching and browsing this thread, but 47 pages is alot to go through...

First, as I understand it, the design of this is such that when the user clicks the Confirm Order button, which redirects to PayPal, the order gets created in the orders table (as opposed to the standard PayPal support where the order doesn't get created until after the user gets returned to the cart from PayPal). It is then supposed to update the order status, making it On Hold if the payment does not get completed. I cannot seem to get this feature to work. I'm using the PayPal sandbox and I have set my sandbox business account to enable IPN with the checkout_success.php page as the target for return. When I go to pay, then cancel, the order remains in Pending status. Any advice on getting this to work?


Before you answer that, however, the above would only be a last resort if the following cannot be completed. I'm looking for advice on a way to use this contrib to go back to the method of not creating the order until after the PayPal payment is sent. This would guarantee that all paypal orders I receive are paid instead of many coming in unpaid where I then have to contact the customer and make them pay. Ideally after the customer clicks the Pay button on paypal, it would then redirect back to my cart (without the need for the user to click the Click Here to Continue link at the bottom right of the You Made A Payment screen on paypal); or have it create the order after they click the Pay button regardless of whether they click the Click Here to Continue link. At what point is the IPN supposed to come back - is it only after they click Click Here to Continue or is there a way to get it to send payment confirmation (and therefore a signal to create the order in the orders table) after they click Pay? If any of this is possible, what would I need to change on the OSC side so it doesn't create the order until after it gets the payment confirmation back from PayPal?


Hoping for a solution where I don't have to deal with payments but no orders (like with the current OSC PayPal solution), and I don't have to deal with orders but no payments.

Finally, I should note that the top question, and possible solution there where it would put the unpaid order on hold might work, but would not be ideal because of the way I download orders. With that solution, there exists the risk that I would download the order after it gets created but before it goes on hold. Of course I could filter out on hold orders, but that wouldn't protect me from a situation where a customer hits the confirm order button and gets taken to PayPal, but then just sits on the paypal screen for a long time - OSC would still list it as pending, so I would download it not knowing they never paid.


Sorry for the long-windedness - any help is appreciated.



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