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The e-commerce.

New Host


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Can anyone point me to either a contribution or other documentation showing the proper way to successfully move an osCommerce store from one host to another. I just tried this and finally gave up (along with the Agents who were sponsered osCommerce on their server). Step by Step instructions would be a real help to all of us using this ecommerce program.

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Download the complete osCommerce store to your own computer, including the mysql database. Uncover any 'hidden' files first by using the -la command before downloading - you want to capture them all.


While your domain is propagating on the new server you should have temporary access to FTP. Use this to upload the store files and find out where the mysql folder is and put the database in there. Upload the pages in ascii mode, and the images in binary mode. Remove any pre-existing .htaccess files in your root directory before uploading


Find out what the file pathway to your root is e.g. /var/www/html, or usr/local/apache/htdocs etc. And also find out whether your DB_SERVER responds to 'localhost' or '', and use this information to make the necessary changes to your two config files.


Don't forget that, as this is a new server for you, you'll need to setup all over again any password protection you have for the oscommerce 'admin' folder. Keep the user, user group, and password the same as on the old server. 'Users' are usually the first part of e-mail addresses, so don't forget to setup any e-mail addresses you have.


You'll also probably have to setup a mysql password via PHPMyAdmin, keep this the same as presently used also.


If there's anything I've omitted here then I'm sure someone else will chip in.



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Hi Vger,

I am new at this. Can you explain to me in a little more detail what you mean by the "-la" command?


When I download a copy of my site, it arrives on my computer as a ".tar.gz" file which wpkzip should open. Is this true. I have had difficulties with wpkzip opening "gunzip" files and ".tar" files in the past.


I found out about the two "configure" files the hard way. You are 100% correct.


The last attempt I made a moving my site was total Kaious! (sp?). Is it possible to just "restore" these files in the tar.gz format or do I still have to unzip them and upload them one at a time? Maybe you know a better way (hopefully) to do this. The mySQL files got really screwed up and the site files would not recongnize them at all. I ended up repointing my domain back to the host I was trying to get away from, but that was mostly due to a bad Agent at the new host who basically told me "T.S." even though they sponcered osCommerce on their server.


Thanks for the info so far, hopefully you can continue with me and others.

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