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New Jewellery website


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After a few months of tinkering the site has now been sent live. Please look through and post any comments for improvements.


This is the first attempt and there are still many things I intend to change over time and it is a fairly standard osCommerce appearance. I would be very interested in knowing if there are any glaring errors that I should remove quickly.


The site is live so do not create any test orders as these will be processed as real orders.


Jewellery with Beads



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Thanks for the feedback so far and I will definitely do something about the slideshow.


Please continue to add your thoughts about the site


I have changed the slideshow gallery now to a delay of 6 seconds instead of 3 and made the images slightly smaller. Do you think it's better now?

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I would suggest the following:


- Design a new logo. Your logo is your brand; it can make or break an entire website design.

- Your color theme is somewhat distracting. Try to experiment with the stylesheet and use complimentary colors...i.e. shades of the same dominant color. One other contrasting color is acceptable, too.

- There is a bit too much text on your main page. You may want to shorten this and move additional info to another page which your customers can navigate to if desired.

- As mentioned earlier, your product image sizes are too large! Thumbnailed images should be exactly that: thumbnails (try somewhere betwen 80 and 150 pixels)

- Modify your language file to get rid of the "What's new here" text...replace it with something relevant to your website.


Good luck!

Carpe Carp: Seize the Fish.

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Your website is very plain (stock oscommerce) and slow loading, even on DSL. FIX those pictures like everyone has said before. Also on my laptop your store spreads out because it is not fixed width. Make your main table fixed width and centered. Check out my jewelry site and our links section. I will gladly add you to it once you create a reciprocal link ( I don?t see a links page on your site). Looking for sites to add to my beading section. Contact me.

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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