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custom templates for products


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ok so i i know how to do custom templates for the different catalog pages but i have a small tick that is driving me insane!!!! >_<


ok so this is what i know so far: to have custom templates you create the sts_template directory in your includes folder, and then you put your templates in there like 'index.php.html' ok great i can do this and it works great!!


but now for the catalog pages that go like this 'index.php_xx-yy.html' where you put your cpath of that url in is giving me a small problem.


the site for the client i am working on is mainly black(quite dark everywhere) and if there are lost of products in the page the table(let's see what we have here page) has on row white and one row black! now i want all the rows white!!!! maybe someone knows how to change this?!?!?!?


but anyways if you name the template 'index.php_21' it makes the first page the custom template but not if you go to a product and to make 50 templates for each product is a bit overkill!!! like each product has its own cpath:'index.php_21_31.html' i dont want to make hundreds of templates changing each products page!!!!!


so finally here is my question!!!!!


is there no way of adding something like a wildcard in this template: 'index.php_21_*.html'??????? just to make life a little simpler!!!




how do you change that table that the products get shown in so that all the rows are white???? and not white - black - white - black???????




im at my last straw here........... :'(

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change these to suit:


TR.accountHistory-odd, TR.addressBook-odd, TR.alsoPurchased-odd, TR.payment-odd, TR.productListing-odd, TR.productReviews-odd, TR.upcomingProducts-odd, TR.shippingOptions-odd {
 background: #f8f8f9;

TR.accountHistory-even, TR.addressBook-even, TR.alsoPurchased-even, TR.payment-even, TR.productListing-even, TR.productReviews-even, TR.upcomingProducts-even, TR.shippingOptions-even {
 background: #f8f8f9;

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thanks a mil!!!!!! that did the trick!!!! :D :D :D


i thought it's something simple and taht i was just missing it!!!!!


thanks again!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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