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The e-commerce.

SQL File does not exist


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Hi there ...


I receive this error when trying to install oscommerce :

SQL file does not exist: /install/oscommerce.sql :'(



Even though the oscommerce directory is at the root .. the /install directory is valid and the file is also valid .. it fails the installation process. ... :angry:


I am using an IIS6 Windows 2003 Standard Server , MySql 4.02, PhP 4.39


I know my Php / MySql programming is aok .. I am using other PhP MySql reliant programs ie Mambo from www.mamboserver.com


This runs without problem and I am also running other asp / frontpage applications as well.


I am a noob when it comes to PhP i must admit ... but I can read instructions and have followed the install instructions for mambo as best I can ... I will how ever grab my glasses and have another read of everything as well as monitor here ...


Does anyone know where or what area I have missed ?


Maybe there is some permissions that need to be reset / set or something that I have completely missed ... anyways ill have another read and hopefully between my reading and someone here the answer will come ...





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No answers yet !!!


Hmm, not looking good for oscommerce as a solution for me and my customers then ..


Ill keep an eye out and bump this again every 5 - 8 hours till someone in the know is able to let me know ...


Im still scratching my head ... and no answer yet ..



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This is very dissappointing that no-one has had this issue that I am having ... I do not understand why the problem exists in the first place..


Maybe the right honorable person that created the software can shed a bit of light on this issue ...


If it cant be fixed I wont be able to offer this software as part of my hosting solutions.





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I think this thread might solve your IIS6 server install.




There are 3 pages of threads when searching the forum for


"SQL file does not exist: /install/oscommerce.sql" (all in quotes)


Unfortunately, the great majority of them are "unsolved".




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Well I tried the following scripting and well it still does not function and get past the problem as before and it actually crashes at the point now ...



So my advice to all Windows IIS6 , Windows Server 2003 users ... dont waste your time on this product it does not work and will give you a headache trying to make it work.




Just my opinion ... but there are too many others out there that are finding the same ..


Here is the code that is suppose to rectify the problem but doesnt seem to in my case ...






I ran into the same problem. Are you running Apache or other web server? What I found was that because I was using the iPlanet web server not apache the application install was coded to use the Apache variables, like:




If you aren't running Apache this variable doesn't exist. Instead of the following:


getenv(SCRIPT_FILENAME) you can replace with the equivalent PHP variable:




No idea why the developers of osCommerce use the less common Apache variables when anyone with php will have access to the php variables. I am going to take this up with them.


In short look through the files under /install and replace any "getenv" Apache variables with the PHP equivalent variable and you will be in luck. I changed all the getenv and ran the install and everything worked without a problem.

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the reason it is tough to install on iis6 is because of file permissions and user permissions. not many people really understand how they work and what you need to do to get osCommerce working on IIS6.

it does work, curl even works. it is all in how much skill you have dealing with a server.

there are more security loopholes on a linux server than there are on an openbsd server or windows 2k3 server.

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