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CSS Class Overrides


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Ok this is such a simple thing but its starting to tick me off.


Im working on my categories.php. ITs not dynamic as my categories never change so Im just creating it with tables etc.


Now all my CSS classes are working fine except for my Categories. I try create a class and overide the default A buy it wont override. I've tried using STYLE= instead of a class.


Nothing I do will overide the default A or A:hover text properties.


Im no CSS guru but I had assumed specifically assigning a class to a TD would override any other classes.


Anyone have ideas here? I've spent 4 hours trying to change text properties. It's bloody stupid.



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This drove me nuts for a while too, until I realized I could do this:


<a class="class" href="......


You'll have to define the classes for the links in your stylesheet, like so:


A.class {


Or, if there's already a style that does what you want and it's assigned to TD.class or TR.class, you can just make it like this:


That will allow you to assign that class to any kind of element (A, TD, TR, DIV, etc) and it will look the same.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


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