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Displaying Custom Product ID in invoice


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I'm quite new to OSCommerce, I tried using it once before but gave up as got too confused but now its all making a lot more sense and in just 3 days I have got more working then I did in 3 weeks last time. However there is one 'problem' that I cant work out.


I run a photographic community site where I want to use OSCommerce to sell prints of photos belonging to my members. The idea is that members pay a small fee to display their photos for sale. All payments for prints are processed via PayPal and I then forward on the payment for a print to the member who took the shot minus printing and postage costs.


I have altered OSCommerce slightly so that the Manufacturer field is now the Photographer field and each photographer also has their own category.


Anway the problem is that as I will be selling photos on behalf of potentially hundreds of different people I need to be able to see at a glance who the photographer was and also a unique code to identify the photo as the chances are that there will be more than one photo with the same name.


I've used the PayPal shopping cart on a plain HTML site before and this allowed me to enter an item_name like "Woman on a bike" but also a item_number into which I added my name and the name of the file I would use to make the print as well as the size print that had been ordered.


With me so far?


I've added the PayPal IPN 2.8 contribution but there doesnt seem to be a way of adding anything like this to the product details. I've also added the contribution that allows you to add your own custom fields to the product and although this kind of works it also displays this to the customer on the main product page which I want to avoid and also it doesnt get added to the invoice or PayPal IPN which I would need it to do.


Assuming anyone can understand what I'm on about ;) does anyone know how to achieve this?

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For the photographer name you could insert a photographer as a manufacturer. For the name you might as well make up product ID numbers and insert them after the name of the picture.

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I'm sorry I missed the part about how you altered the manufacturer field. There is a setting under products that allows you to have the manufacturer's name under the item title in the display.

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