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Blank page upon Action!!! What is wrong?


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When I am in the admin panel, and I try to update some records, for example, delete manufacturer, I select it, click "delete", confirm with the checkbox that I want images deleted, too, click "delete" again, and get a blank page on the refresh. Totally Blank Blank source code and everything... It updates the records, though, but every time, when I end up with the page with the address like https://secureserver.com/mydomain.com/catal.....e71a0e43fe582


I end up deleting everything from .php part to the end, thus getting back to that window in the admin panel, then I have to refresh the window so I can continue working.


It seems that it does so in the admin panel only; so far I haven't tested checkout yet, but it might be there too, since it does so EVERY TIME when there is an action required - such as delete or add...


If anyone ran into this problem and solved it, please, advise!


Thank you!


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I now see that I'm also having trouble with updating the settings for the store. I am not able to access anything in for My Store if I am at the default configuration page. I get blank square in the middle of the page. I have to click on My Store in the navigation window, then I can select an option to update. If I update it, I get a totally blank page, as I described in the previous post. If I delete everying after .php in the address bar and refresh the page, I still cannot get into anything there, unless I click on the My Store link to the left. It's almost as if the default My Store configuration page (.../admin/configuration.php) does not include the same php-include for My Store as the one I access through My Store link to the left (which results in something like .../admin/configuration.php/gID=1&osCAdminID=c28996e...d89be0a6f7d) - I get actual include there and can work...



I don't understand what gives.

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