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The e-commerce.

My first shop


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With the english part not done yet I had to switch back and forth between languages to find out where i was

1) On your impressum page (about us??? in english) you have your email address listed. That is a good way you invite spam. You should hide it from robots.

2) In your manufactuers listing MAGLITE is capitalized, I like consistency and would change it to Maglite.

3) That is the most boring non existent header I have ever seen. Is blank grey space all you could come up with?????

4) Again on consistency your "smith & Wesson SWCH008 Cuttin Horse", should be "Smith"

5) I am not too fond of the green with the grey, IMO they just don't go together.

6) Your screen runs about 40 pixels too wide for my 800x600 screen.

7) The fonts on some of your buttons such as "Weiter" and "Anmelden" look different.

8) On your German account sign in page "newsletter" is not translated, but then I have no idea what the translation is.

9) I would have someone go over your English translations. The punctuation and grammer needs fixing. For the navy seal watch the text you took your information from is point form notes. Then you added it to your site but did not make the changes needed to create proper sentences.

10) By having this "F?r weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt." on your Navy Seals watch page it took me to their site which lead me to a whole bunch of "other" stores to buy the same product at. I think the idea is to have them buy from you, not other stores.


Very stock store overall but has potential. I would concentrate more on getting one language working in a really well designed store and then move to the other languages. It looks like you are trying to do too much and not doing any of it as well as you can.



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Hi you are right about the translation. Thanks for the hints. But I don't understand one point of your criticism:


3) That is the most boring non existent header I have ever seen.  Is blank grey space all you could come up with?????


Do you mean the background? There is the green Header, with the the lettering "bekleidunsgkammer.de".




Herr Kuchen

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