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Programatically adding new products


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Hello All.


I have recently discovered osCommerce and I am so impressed I'm diving in deep right from the start B)


My intention is to add several thousand "products" split into various categories/sub-categories. Creating the desired categories is of course straightforward using the admin tool. My concern is in PROPERLY adding the products using some custom coding to the MySql database.


With the large number of products to be added manual insertion is a non starter so I've been looking around in the forums for some suitable tips in bulk uploading products.

EasyPopulate seemed to fit the bill but checking it out it looks like it will be pretty cumbersome for my needs - I will be regularly adding large numbers of products. I would also like to have real time auto insertion from client input.


Anyway I want to roll my own code solution (probably PHP) but I am unsure about all the proper table updates that are needed when adding a product, anyone able to help?


Are the table relationships (master/foreign key etc.) detailed anywhere?



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contributions has a database relationship.  easypopulate will load the data too.


Thanks for the pointer.


I was concerned that by simply updating the products database table I may cause later problems by not updating any linked tables.

It seems that isn't the case - I hope anyway! :rolleyes:



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