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The e-commerce.

Newly Commissioned Site..


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I have just finished the first part of my new site. With only two hard coded pages OS Commerce doing the rest - I finally feel as if I'm getting somewhere.


The main index.html has been completly redesigned and rendered to the latest W3C XHTML 1.1 and .CSS 2.0 standards. (check out 'Style Master .css program - Awesome!).


That main page also links to my community site also running the same template, styled slightly different again with it's own Merchandising Outlet (OS Commerce again :) ).


Anyway some contents are starting to appear and text inputs happening. I'm trying to get basic functions and edit text descriptions in as I go and then enhance them later...


anyway comments appreciated please :)


2412electrics.com Solar & Computer Products




~ :)

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The new catalog is now open! (I wouldn't call it open just yet) Some of the many products we carry at 2412electrics have now been inputted.

Our Online Catalog is ran (I think that sould be "run") on an 'Accounts System'. This means you MUST sign up for an 'Account', before you can avail of our services. (I would rephrase that sentence to tell people why it is of benifit to them, not just tell them they MUST do it. After reading that the onlything I MUST do is leave the store) We believe that this will provide you the client with the same security and service you would expect from any high street store or catalog order service. (You "beleive it will" ... omg you better know for sure it will !!!!!)

It will alsp (alsp ????) help you to manage and administer your own catalog account. The 'Account' is uniquely identified to you the client and Client Privacy is held in the STRICTEST confidence in our data-base on a secure SSL server. At no time will any details be passed to a third party. (If you don't pass my info to the CC company how do I pay you??? If you don't pass my info to the shipping company how do I get my product???)


The advantage to you the 'Client' is expotential (exponential) in the aspect of security and peace of mind. (How does login into your site make my transaction expotentially more secure than if I didn't have to create an account???) All to (too) often we hear problems and fears associated with 'OnLine' (Online or On-Line) shopping. (That is it, just before the customers buys something you have to go and scare them again:( ) At 2412electrics, we believe (there you go again with "believe", why not "At 2412electrics we know our Accounts stye system will counteract these problems") our new Accounts style system counteracts those problems. (There is nothing new about accounts on web sites)

All our products are sourced and delivered 'Direct From Wholesale'. No middlemen, no Re-Selling (keep the "No" and "no" consistant), just plain 'Order your Article/Order is Processed/Order is Delivered and at PRICES you will find hard to match anywhere else!


Thankyou (Thank you) for your interest in our service/s. (services)


Vince Collins - Owner/Director 2412electrics and Trybalink Networking.



After reading that page it would be as far as I would get into your site.



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The logo is blurry. It could be a nice effect if used correctly (maybe like clouds) but as it is, it's just blurry. A few pictures are deformed and the flat white background just looks bad. Kill the stock OSC buttons. Use the 'welcome' guest space to give me some info or get rid of it.

The product pages need a background or a color change.



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