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Changing email text encoding?


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Hi all,


I am looking at the email.php and am not sure if this is right but...


I am using Option Type Text and there is a good chance that people will be typing in Japanese. What I would like to do is set the order confirmation mail (both to the customer and the admin) charset to Shift_JIS. But I am not really sure as to where I should do this.


if it IS the email.php which one is it? The one in the cat or the admin?

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Not simply turning it to HTML, but making the mail function send emails using the Shift_JIS charset.


But it seems that the CHARSET is defined in one place, and I would have to change EVERYTHING to Shift_JIS, which would screw with people who don't have Japanese installed (and I am not going to do that).


Guess this is going to take some codework... disconnect the mail.php from the central DEFINE and put in a specific CHARSET in it I guess...


Hope this works...

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