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The e-commerce.

ADVICE NEEDED : product attributes / options


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Hello everyone,


It's my first post and i'm new to PHP so don't bite too hard!


I am at the moment adapting the wonderful osCommerce package (great stuff guys!) for use in an online Brewery Shop . One of the products is a mixed case of 12 beers which the user can fill to their own specification. We have a range of six beers so i need a way of allowing the user to select the quantity of each beer they would like in the box. For example, one user may want 2 of each different beer, another may want 12 of one single variety. I have began to set this up in the osCommerce admin tool by setting different product options (i.e. variety of beer) and option values (i.e. quantity of that variety). I then thought i could include a small bit of scripting to check that the values added up to 12 (presumably quite easy to do?).


However, this seems a little complicated and involves the tedious process of inputing all those values for each different product into the database, not too mention the fact that the option values to not list in numerical order.


Any osCom wizards able to suggest anything?


Many Thanks,


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