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The e-commerce.

Amazon and the Rest.


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Hi all,


I would be very intressted in opinions from you.


web 2.0 con is over and the innovation cycle in ecommerce seems to reach lightspeed.


not only that almost every osc shop will stay competitve to amazon.com today or near future, they raise the bar for other ecommerce higher almost every month.


With their outstandig traffic the know withhin 10 Minutes whether a new feature on the website is usefull or not. With the "The Web is a platform" philosophy and the matching Web Services 4.0 they try to dominate every single market that you can think of. Do you browsed the categorie and stores list on amazon lately?


With the Web Service API they want that the ecommerce in the futere is only amazon and the rest are amazon partner shops and referer.

Many people using already osc only as a partner shop, many shops try to keep up with amazon website features but its more and more an illusion.


You can integrate a wishlist, "people how buyed this buyed also that" but in the feature these are only basic features like the basket.


Is tomorow the standard for an "used to amazon sell everything and cheap and fast"-customer that you can

register your baby,

beeing remembered that a friend has birthday,

look at his wishlist with one click,

order a living lobster

and the matching cook book,

book a travel,

sell with two clicks what you buyed last time on the marketplace,

chat with some pepole in your favorite category,

add them to your Favorite People list,

when they update their Wish Lists you'll find out about it right here....


All these things you can do today at amazon. So what will be a oscommerce Shop in the eye of the customer winter 2005? An amateur shop? And if the innovation will go on this fast, 2010? A Joke?

Is Amazon, more innovative than thousands of osc developers together?


What is your company positioning against such a dominant competitor?

Why should i buy somethning from you if i can it buy at amazon, a company that have 30 Million customers.


Best Regards.


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I heard it said best in a Trade Magazine I read...


The small store should not position itself as the price leader or the fast food chain. It should position itself as the Gourmet Restaraunt that satisfies more sophisticated tastes. Amazon doesn't sell everything. Sure they sell a lot but not everything. What they do sell they sell at rock bottom prices so their profits are pennies on the dollar and the only way they stay in business is volume. The small store on the other hand is better able to adjust to consumer trends, bring in new and innovative products and can price appropriately.


Features are nice there isn't anything on the Amazon.com website that you cannot do with OSC. Want wishlists? Then there is probably a contribution. Want Birthday reminders? Then there is probably a contribution. If there isn't you have access to the code so you can either write one or pay to have one written. However, whether you are profitable and successful is less about features than how you treat the customer. Amazon needs features because there is no customer contact. Everything is automatically generated and they don't care. With your store, if there is a backordered item then you can call the customer and let them know personally. You can email the customer and build relationships with them over time. This brings in more sales over time.


While Amazon.com hopes that repeat customers come to their stores and shop often, it is more about the immediate sale and the bottom line. You need to cultivate each customer and help them buy from you instead of just waiting for a click. Look at your store and see where you can build a better relationship with your existing customers.


OSCommerce is a tool... It is how you use that tool to improve your existing business that will make or break your company.

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