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The e-commerce.

vDeck control panel with osCommerce


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Is anybody here using THE vDeck control panel with osCommerce and can tell me how it?s working if it?s easy to configure and setup?

I?m totally new to ecommerce, so I need to know if any special knowledge is required.


I will really appreciate some advice and hope someone will be so kind and give me a few minutes of your time.


Thanks Tim

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well the control panel and the oscommerce are really seperate admins and don't directly affect each other. You might use both to edit files or change permissions etc. The oscom admin takes care of your store admin and customer managment. So it should not really matter what control panel you have. oscommerce is a great package i highly recommmend it. I run my own server and my customers can click a few buttons and have oscommerce running in minutes. If you don't have something like that just follow the installation instructions. If you want to customize oscommerce then you need to know some php and html. If you want to leave it like it is then you don't need any php skills. With my hosting I offer free support to make sure you can run and customize oscommerce. If you don't have support you can use this forum or just figure it out by trial and error. Hope that helps. Again I highly recommend oscommerce

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At least as professional as your website (are you sure that you will do that for me for FREE?)



Sorry I just saw your reply. I am not sure why I did not get an email notice of your reply. First of all you can pay monthly so there is little to be concerned about you can always take your business and move at anytime. Yes I am willing to help you set up and customize oscommerce. I won't be doing the work for you in most cases. But I will be directing you and telling you how to make the changes for yourself. That way you become knowledgable about oscommerce and can administer and run it easily for yourself. So for example if you want a logo added you will need to have that made up and then once made I can show you how to integrate it into the oscommerce. If you want to change the colors, links, text font etc I can direct you to that and explain how it is done. I can show you how to set up the ssl so you can offer secure shopping.






PS I also don't see it as wating my time. First you will be happy and then refer my services to others. I gain more experience with oscommerce. I also earn a small monthly hosting fee from you. :D

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