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Easypopulate help with database/PHP config


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Hi can enybody help me with the configurasjon of the product model number from 12 to 15. I can`t get it right. Please help me. The error i get is listed under + how ore what database or PHP file do i need to config.

sorry about my rigthing.


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/phpsCG6Ei

User filename: EP2004okt15-0909.txt

Size: 1194635

1603C16781;3Com OfficeConnect Power Adapter;14,4 Watt 3C16750b/51b, 3c16734b/35b;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Hub;Eth 10Mbit;0.69999999;2.0000001E-3;0.2;0.1;0.1;5;50.00 ... ERROR! - Too many characters in the model number.

12 is the maximum on a standard OSC install.

Your maximum product_model length is set to 15

You can either shorten your model numbers or increase the size of the field in the database.



Thanks for a great forum



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Mibble for the help. :thumbsup: I fixt the problem in the PHP file and in the database, but i can`t get the product txt file right.

This is the txt file i recive to my shop(a part of it - the complite file contais 7365 products).

How can i get it to work with easypopulate?


3C16476A-ME;3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline Switch 2250;10/100Mbit*48 + dual (SFP)Unmanaged;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Switch;48-> port;4;0.01998;0.54000002;0.1;0.37;1;4699.00

3C17400-ME;3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3824 Gigabit;24-port 10/100/1000 + 4miniGbic port;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Switch;17-24 port admin;5.6999998;5.9999999E-2;0.60000002;0.5;0.2;4;12359.00

3c17204-me;3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 48 port;10/100Mbit, 48 porter, Managed;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Switch;48-> port admin;5;0.048;0.60000002;0.40000001;0.2;4;14499.00

3C17221;3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400, 1000SX;1000BASE-SX Modul;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Modul;3Com Switch Modul;0.30000001;6.0000001E-3;0.30000001;0.2;0.1;1;2179.00

3C17228;3Com SuperStack 3 Switch4400 Extende kit;Stack Extender Kit;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Modul;3Com Switch Modul;0.5;6.0000001E-3;0.30000001;0.2;0.1;3;1949.00

3C16075;3Com SuperStack II Advanced RPS Power,;325W Power Module;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Modul;3Com Switch Modul;1.4;1.6000001E-2;0.40000001;0.2;0.2;2;3549.00

3C16960;3Com SuperStack II Switch Matrix modul;Modul for stacking av Switch 1100/3300;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Modul;3Com Switch Modul;0.60000002;0.012;0.40000001;0.30000001;0.1;4;3765.00

3CRWB6096B;3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card;16-bit Type II PC Card;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Tr?dl?st;Bluetooth Kort;0.2;6.0000001E-3;0.30000001;0.2;0.1;1;680.00

3C996B-T-BULK;3ComEtherLink 10/100/1000 Server PCI NIC;Gigabit Ethernet Server NIC - bulk;3Com;3Com;Nettverk Kort;PCI Gigabit;0.30000001;0;0;0;0;2;695.00

CD800-5CAPI=;5 user CAPI license;;Cisco Systems;Cisco Systems;Nettverk Router;Cisco 800 Software;0.47999999;9.3750004E-3;0.25;0.25;0.15000001;0;388.03

TS512SRAMA;512kb SRAM PC-Card w/attribute;;TwinMOS;Dataram;Minne;SDRAM PC 133;0.1;4.0000002E-3;0.1;0.2;0.2;0;450.00

91.49V28.001;Acer Lithium batteri TM 240;Til Travel Mate 240;Acer;Acer;PC B?rbar;Batteri/Lader;0;0;0;0;0;0;1221.00

BT.T3504.001;Acer Lithium batteri TM 290;Til Travelmate 290;Acer;Acer;PC B?rbar;Batteri/Lader;0;0;0;0;0;0;1221.00



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