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Forward /catalog requests


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I just switched web hosts, and while I was moving everything and updating configure.php I decided to go ahead and move my catalog contents to my root directory for SEO.


The problem is, I already have quite a few pages indexed on various search engines, and since /catalog/ folder no longer exists, those are all broken links.


Is there anyway to forward all /catalog/XXX requests directly to the root directory, basically just remove the /catalog part?


Thanks!! :thumbsup:

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If it's possible to make/set your own 404 pages in your old web host, you can try it. Add redirection tag to your 404 page's header section for example like this:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; url=www.your_new_host.com/yoursite/catalog/">

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.


I found that my new host (ipowerweb.com) has somethign in the vdeck called redirects. I found it because it just happened to be right next to the custom 404 page setup.....anyways, with redirects I can send any requests that are http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/XXXXX back 1 level to the root (or wherever you want it to go), & no more broken links!


I think this is a great tool for anyone wanting to optomize their site for SE, but afraid to lose all those links currently indexed. I wish I had more info of what the redirect script does but it's just built into my control panel.

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