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The e-commerce.

Everything else fine, but one error


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I've installed a test oscommerce on my domain and downloaded the TotalB2B 1.2 contribution. Installed as instructed and the only error I get now is the following:


1054 - Unknown column 'c.customers_status' in 'field list'


select c.customers_id, c.customers_lastname, c.customers_firstname, c.customers_status, c.customers_email_address, a.entry_country_id from customers c left join address_book a on c.customers_id = a.customers_id and c.customers_default_address_id = a.address_book_id order by c.customers_lastname, c.customers_firstname limit 0, 20




Can someone please tell me how to fix this? I figure if I can get it working correctly on the test catalog, then I can finally install it into the live one.

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No, I didn't and that was not included in the instructions. How should I go about doing this?



Did you add  new  field in your DB  called  customers_status    to  customers table


this error say you do not have this  field  and it is present in query

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