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Enabling SSL support in a heterogenous environment


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Hi guys,


How is it possible to send SSL traffic, in a situation where the root directory that holds the osCommerce files, by default named "catalog", has to reside in a different location than a SSL server calls root. In this case the SSL server only pulls files from a separate folder marked ssl enabled.


I don't want to go into specifics that would confuse the situation, but this seems to be the only way to have ssl support with Yahoo Merchant Soultions. A preconfigured directory is marked SSL aware called "ssl". All files that are placed in that directory can be processed via https. Both "catalog" and "ssl" are child directories of the same parent directory. Assumably, any back end proccessing can view both directories. However, client web browsers will see them as two different servers.


I've thought of a possible solution, but just wanted to run this past the community before I delve head first into it to see if there's an easier way.


My solution would require that I go through the osCommerce code that specifically needs SSL support and rename any reference that assumes the ssl enabled web pages are located in the same location as the osCommerce application.


Another interim solution is to install the complete osCommerce application in the ssl enabled directory. But this would also require that all pages of the web site be sent encrypted to client web browsers, an obvious performance bottleneck.


I'm hoping that theres an easier route or some config option that I'm missing :blush:



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