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GREAT IDEA! Restrict Payment types per customer


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Some OSC store owners are involved in B2B setting that sometimes require customers to pay a specific way over others. Example would be giving a 3.5% discount in pricing but only accepting Direct Wire Transfer, or cheque. The 3.5% could represent the VISA fee that is saved from not using it. Therefore it should not be an option to the customer.


Second situaiton: International customers! (I know you tense up hearing those words!) The greatest danger is international credit cards. We will never except a foreign card because of the risk of fraud, lack of legal abillity and rights we have as a company in that country. Therefore we would like to turn off credit cards to that country.


If this module is built it would have to have the admin function of the following:


1. Turn off payments types per state or country.

2. Ability to turn on payment types for customers within a blocked zone.

3. Ability to turn off payment types for customer not in a blocked zone.


Have this ability would further the usefulness of OSC and continue to boost it higher and higher.


Are you up to the task to create this?


What do you think of this idea? Changes? Additions? Comments?




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