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New used book stor site for review


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Hi, thanks to all the invaluable help I've received on this forum, my site is now nearly ready to go live. Please check it out and I'd welcome any and all feedback and suggestions. The site is loading very slowly and if anyone can offer me any solutions to that issue, I'd be especially grateful. Mystery Book World's Store


Thanks again




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Pretty standard store, although not used to seeing one without any pics of the items for sale. You should really think about adding some pics in there to give a break from just the text. I know you sell 2nd hand books, but showing pictures of the books themselves (even stock pics of new ones as long as you cover yourself saying the pics are not of the actual book supplied) would make for a more pleasant site. No one just wants to look at just text lists of book titles.


Drop the currency and language boxes...you only have 1 choice on each so the boxes are rendered useles.


Maybe make the left column slightly larger so you can actually see the authors names in full when you use the drop down.


In my opinion there is too much black, especially the footer. Loading speed seems ok to me, but then im on broadband and with no pics, it should be fast.

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I'm guessing you made changes to speed it up, because it's fine here. Your selections look good to me: I don't read mysteries that much, except for Martha Grimes. Is the shipping supposed to be a flat $5.00 per order, irregardless of the number of books? I started to order a couple grimes', but if it's a flat $5.00, i'll get a couple more when you go live.


You might want to change 'post code' to 'zip code' on the create account page.





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