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Duplicated sessions on Admin Whos Online


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Hello to all...


I have alot duplicated sessions on Whos_online inside de admin, so, when i display on the online store the number of users on my site, the box display the number of sessions instead the number of real users, how can i resolve this issue???? Can anyone Help me?????


For Example, some times i have 20 counts and only 3/4 users on my site...



Any help will be great appretiated...



Sorry my English




Best Regards

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No, i don't do any modification on the code...


I see some post's on this forum with the same problem...


O my case when i enter on my site the count 1 on whos_online Box, if i do F5, the Whos_online box increment 1 if i press F5 20 times the box increment 20 visitors... If i click on any link that incrementation stops... It's a very strange problem....


You can see the problem in www.kartunes.online.pt

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Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action

sesskey varchar(32) No

expiry int(11) UNSIGNED No 0

value text No

Check All / Uncheck All With selected:




Indexes : [Documentation]

Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field

PRIMARY PRIMARY 27 Drop Edit sesskey


Create an index on columns Space usage : Type Usage

Data 70,064 Bytes

Index 11,264 Bytes

Overhead 54,548 Bytes

Effective 26,780 Bytes

Total 81,328 Bytes

[Optimize table]

Row Statistic : Statements Value

Format dynamic

Rows 27

Row length ? 574

Row size ? 3,012 Bytes

Creation Sep 13, 2004 at 07:12 PM

Last update Oct 15, 2004 at 11:54 AM

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If you have one user who is online and that user is connecting via AOL, then they will log multiple sessions (and you can't change this). For every file on a page (the page itself and each and every image on it) AOL will cache the files at different servers. So, one visit to a page becomes 13 to 20 visits. It's just the way that AOL works, and it plays havoc with Web Statistics as well.



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I Install today a contribution Who'sOnlineEnhancement1.3, this contribucions tell me the Real Customers and the number of duplicated Ip's, so, what i pretend to do it's place the Real Customers variabel on my Whos_online Box on the Index page... ANy idea about how can i do this????

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