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The e-commerce.

Just Launched!


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1) In your new products for October box your left and right corners look like different colors.

2) Your pages look about 840 pixels wide, my screen is only 800 :(

3) On some of your product pages you have "This product was added to our catalog on ." with no date? Like this page

4) I don't know how but is there a way to create sub catagories for your graphic products. 9 pages is a lot to go through.

5) You don't have your address or phone number listed anywhere on your site.

6) To ship 1 lb. to Canada the cheapest quote I got was $10.85.



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Hi Jeff,


You would probably get more feedback from the phesis site as this site only really deals with unloaded versions of osc.




If this site only deals with none loaded versions of osc, why has the mod team allowed it to be displayed. Because it is oscommerce core, and it is a good effort using loaded version, I dont think the theme comes with cre so work kas been done to change to make it unique and thus worth a look.


Great effort. :thumbsup:

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Id also rethink selling $2 items that require $47 to ship.... ya really think yer gonna corner a market?




That's because decals weigh 1lb each. You wouldn't want to stick too many of those on your rod!


Site's got the look though, and works well enough. You need to sort out the shipping. I changed it to UK and nothing showed. If you are going to ship overseas then you need a rate, otherwise get rid of the countries option.


Good luck.


BTW. I have spent months trying to sort out the site I am working on. Wish I'd known you can get them ready modded :angry:

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who do not.


To understand Recursion, first one must understand Recursion.

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Just a simple thought... I understand you have your site secure (SSL) but what you may have noticed is that when a customer (or potential customer) goes to your secure area.. they get the error popup window. Well not so much an error but it lets them know that 1 of the 3 elements of the cert is not right.. and asks if they would like to procede.


My guess is that the certificate is issued to your domain name as yourdomain.com but you have the SSL setup in OSC as www.yourdomain.com.


You will find that info in your config.php file.


I would suggest you make the HTTPS portion of the config.php file match what your root certificate is registered under.


This could cause customers to shy away from trusting your security.


Other then that - the site itself looks nice. The layout is clean - a bit overboard on the header graphics and amount of overall graphics which will turn away those not using high speed connections.. But overal I think the site looks nice...


Good luck and hope you find your success!


A Happy Pet is a Healthy Pet

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