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The e-commerce.

a simple website


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hi all


    My store

    simple and quickly done.hope someone could aid me.another,is there any better ways to extend this web site.



It looks good, however


1. It seemed to ake a long time to load up for me, and im on broadband?


2. I personally think the hit counter makes it look a bit amateurish


3. THe product descriptions need to be a bit more descriptive, you need to "sell" each product to the browser!





"because it'll hurt more"- the greatest film of all time?

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You have serious problems with loading times. I am also on broadband and i got sick of waiting for the page to fully load. From what I saw it looked ok. Not too cluttered and about right for an ecommerce site. (although I did only see part of the 1st page)


If the speed thing is like that on a regular basis, maybe consider who you host with as you are not going to get any custom the way things are at present.

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right now ur loading the full image - wich is probably extremely big

either use some thumbnail contrib or make them all smaller

im using pretty fast cable and it does take some time for it to load...

at least 5 sec fully with only a couple image son the page

Checkout my osc contrib here!

You can also checkout the site im working on by clicking the card button!

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Hi Adams


Site looks well and loaded well on 56K.


My first comment is that if your going to sell to the english speaking countries try to have your phrasing and gramar correct. It looks unprofessional if it is not.


Our company is specialized in plastic daily use items and toys (different styles of wooden toys , pet toys ). Our subjective is to create products that people will use it with satisfaction.We work closely with our customer to meet their requirements


I would reword this to 'Our company specialises in plastics for everyday items e.g toys, houseware, car accessories etc. Our aim is to create products that people are happy to use. We work closely with our clients to satisfy their requirements'.


I'm not sure I understand your market. Consider my reworded paragraph above. Now of you click on Household Applications and tools, you have a nice collection of STEEL sissors and nail clippers, and mirrors.


You also sell garden tools with metal (I think). Metal screw drivers.


I think you seriously need to reconsider the language used on your front page. From what I can see you sell products which happen to have plastic as part of them, not a company that specialises in plastic. As for the wooden toys .........




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