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The e-commerce.

Where best to Intall


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Did I do wrong installing to HTTP only and selecting use SSL or did the install not put files in HTTPS that it should have, as required.



Should I be installing to HTTPS web space, HTTP web space or both?



How smart is the oscommece install prog?


Is the prog install supposed to be smart enough to split the files as required between HTTP and HTTPS if one selects use SSL option during an install, and one installs to HTTP space.



I have a dedicated server with a preinstalled default temp SSL certificate.


The porblem is however with the install.


I am not sure exactley where the prog is expecting to be installed to?


HTTP space HTTPS space or both.


Regards Mark Harding

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doing that is all dependent upon how your host setup your server. you need to start with them first.

then based upon what they tell you if you have to copy your files to both http and https or leave at the public_html and then let apache switch the ssl back and forth along with osC.

the configure.php files are all that is required to be correct on the osC side.

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