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space between CAD


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I have a question. When my prices were displayed on my site they looked like this $5.00CAD at first, So I made a modification using &nbsp. So they would look like this $5.00 CAD(space betwwen price and CAD)Now for the life of me I cannot remember where I made this change. I have looked for hours. I like the way I fixed it so now it has a space but when oscommerce sends the conformation email it looks like this


item $21.95 CAD (I don't like the  )

Table Rate (Best Way): $5.99 CAD


Any idea where I made the change, (I know I'm stupid)... and how can I gain the space so it looks like $5.00 CAD and have the email look correct as well.


Any help would be great - and I will go take some ginkoba and try to remember :-)



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easy way to find out is what page this is displayed on. if it is all with a price, it has to be a common language file.

i use windows grep to find the text i want to, i know that there could be lots of   out there in the php files however would take maybe 2 - 3 minutes to find every one and then they are listed by line #. once they are all located, i would just find the language files and most likely in there somewhere.

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Well I found out how I got the space: I went into admin -> Localization -> Canadian -> edit -> Symbol right =  CAD


This gives me the space between


Now I went to Configuration -> E-mail options -> and changed "Use MIME HTML When sending email" = true


Now in the new conformation email the price looks right $5.00 CAD no more $5.99 CAD it now is $5.99 CAD (nice I like it!!)


But now the Detailed Invoice: is no longer a link it is just text. I just cannot win!!!





Any ideas!!!


Thanks in advance for the help



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