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The e-commerce.

new to all this need your help!!


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HI I am sorry to sound so dumb, but I know nothing about this so I need your help. I have just started my site and Oscommerce came along with it in the powertools. I have installed my phpbb bulletin board with no problems. I installed my oscommerce and it seemed to be no problem, but where do I go from there, how do I change to look of the page- like to say my logo instead of oscommerce. and to personalize the page. I know nothing of html, so is there a way to create the page in another program,(say frontpage). I like the layout of the store- I just want my own name and product there. I played around and got to the admin site, but that just changed the contents inside of the catalog. Again sorry for the dumbness-- I just wanted to try to takle it myself, before paying someone to do it for me.



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Well, no, you won't be able to use a graphical html editor to change very much. I'd suggest picking up at least a quick reference guide on HTML befire digging in. You'll also need to start learning a little about php, because you won't get far without knowing at least a little about it, like variable declarations.


To change your header, just open the following file in your favorite text editor (I recommend something a little better than wordpad, like UltraEdit, or phpEdit).




As you'll see, this isn't in HTML, it's in PHP. But it does have HTML intermingled in. You'll need to locate the line that displsys the logo image, and change that to reference the image that you do want.


I think that in the contributions section, you can find a contribtion that will make it easier to change the header image.


NOTE: As of Oct 2006, I'm not as active in this forum as I used to be, but I still work with osC quite a bit.

If you have a question about any of my posts here, your best bet is to contact me though either Email or PM in my profile, and I'll be happy to help.

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