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The e-commerce.

Looking for some feeback... New Site


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hey guys,



Thanks to all the help here I was able to get my site up. I'd appreciate some feedback if you dont mind. The store is my main concern, but please feel free to enjoy the rest of the site.......






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Nice start. unusual design. Will require a lot of work to integrate osCommerce into this design but the end result should be worth it. Here are some initial thoughts that I hope you will be able to incorporate into your design.


1. I like the gallery. Why don't you stay with that theme for the store? The white background loks out of place on your site.


2. Get rid of the language. box. It is quite obvious the site is in English <_<


3. Get rid of one of the columns and the horozontal scroll bar should disappear. People are used to scrolling vertically not horizontally. Ideally get rid of both columns as you already have two columns outside of the osC window


4. It is a bit disconcerting the way the right hand menu disappears when you enter the shop and the osC left hand one appears (which is too long for the window). Maybe you could dispence with the osC one altogether and just display the categories in the main infobox


5. The 'Top' link looks like an afterthought. Perhaps this function could be brought into the main design in some way


6. You probably know this already but I'll mention it to be on the safe side. the 'info' and 'notes' links just bring up a blank screen. and there was no contact information.


7. The gallery and the store wndows should have the same width width.


8. The dark grey image blocks that frame the screen have whitespace between then and are out of alignment.


I watch with interest....

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I was quite disapointed by the time I reached the shop to find it was the basic out of the box design. It wouldn't take 5 mins to change the style sheet to blend the colour scheme


The design is quite unusual but I feel there are too many clicks before I reach some products, it runs very slowly on dial up


I couldn't actually read the slogan in the centre of the logo, "the finest street and show......

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