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Products Attributes - Drop Down Menu for Products


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Hello all! I'm new (this is my FIRST post --- yaaayyyyy).


...::: Before asking my question, I must say that I have researched the forums and even though I still have questions, I have found many answeres. It is a "community" and forum such as this that truly embodies OPEN SOURCE and my definition of what the term means :::...


You guys are awesome! Ok, now on with my question:


I have general product categories with products within the categories. For example, White and Yellow Speckled Grits would be a Product category with 8 products within as follows:


White Speckled Grits

Item No. Size Price Packaging

---------- ------- ------- --------------

AGRIT-1 1 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag

AGRIT-2 2 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag

AGRIT-5 5 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag

AGRIT-10 10 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag


Yellow Speckled Grits

Item No. Size Price Packaging

---------- ------- ------- --------------

YGRIT-1 1 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag

YGRIT-1 2 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag

YGRIT-5 5 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag

YGRIT-10 10 LB $2.75 Cloth Bag


My goal is to have a single product image (since all the above products are put in the same type of Cloth Bag) and the customer would have the ability to choose the desired size (from a drop-down menu selection).


When added to the cart the item #, size and price shows in the acrt such as:


WGRIT-1 1 LB $2.75


Thanks in advance for ANY help on this matter. I know many who post comments here have jobs or hobbies and as such the time given to a reply is seriously GREATLY appreciated. [/img]

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This function is built in. Its your product attributes section. Refer to the knowledge base for more info on this. The one problem you may run into is it doesnt keep track of each individual quantity. There is a contribution out that does this for you called QTpro or something. But I read that it doens't quite work (I could be wrong). But people have said that they have bought the full copy and got that to work. So that's where I would start.



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After looking at QTpro, I still seem to think that this is not a solution. Simply put, I am attempting to show on product image along with the product description and a single drop-down selection menu where the user easily slects either 1 LB, 2 LB, 5 LB or 10 LB.


At checkout, the item no. should appear in the cart.


Any help would be groovy.



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