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phpMyAdmin help???


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Okay, first off, I'm new and did a search and really can't find out exactly what to do here. I'm SURE this is simple but alas...


Anyway, I have phpMyAdmin on my server and can get into it no problem, however, what to do there...yeah, not sure. I'm trying to use a contribution for AdminLogin_1.zip. The first line of the readme says


"Cut and paste sql from admin.sql file into phpmyadmin or in similar fashion."


Okay, so what exactly does this mean? I'm sure I can figure out the rest, but this first line is just staring back at me and I'm all 'huh'? Obviously I know the cut and paste part but where do I paste the info?


Thanks smart people!

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choose your db from the left menu in phpMyAdmin.


then choose sql and paste sql file contents in the text box that comes up and click go.

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