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The e-commerce.

Configuring shopfront


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Hello OsCommercers from a new chum,


I am trying to figure out where I configure the shopfront to my site's colours, design and so on, and where to arrange the layout. I am using OsCommerce via the vdeck on ipowerweb, my web host, who includes OsCommerce in package.


I am unable to find the link to a control panel for the design and style of the shop.


I did find the CSS file but was not allowed to write to it.


All and any suggestions welcome.


Many thanks.


Fiona :blush:

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download the files to your local system, edit them there and then upload them back to the server.


the stylesheet controls the colors


Dear Mibble, exactly what files are to be edited to change the shopfront and with what can I edit the CSS file?

I take it the CSS file 'controls' the look, does it not?

Correct me if I am wrong.

I also am new to PHP and it's attributes.

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