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Search for product by attributes


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I have just spent the better part of two days searching this forum and the KB so, if I missed the clues, please let me know.


Here is the scenario:


I want to sell products that can be used for several applications each and are application-specific. I will use an analogy to give a complete description.


Suppose I sell 20 kits of spark plugs. These sperk plugs can be used in many engines from several brands of cars with several types of engines. I currently have a separate database listing all of the engines and sparkplugs they take. I can export any of the fields to the MySQL tables needed.


Is there an easy way to set up Oscommerce to be able to search for the proper plug for a specific car and engine combination?


I have tried a couple of combinations of categories for the various spark plug types (platinum, standard, etc) and adding atributes but nothing seems to do what I need.


Are there any add-ons or hints anyone can think of? I am a novice at PHP and MySQL but I can hack my way around and really screw it up!

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