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mail function problem


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Hi, i installed the osc software on my website the other day and I am having trouble with the mail function. It seems it just doesnt send any emails, to the user after registering, buying something or from the admin panel to a user. I have searched through the forums here on getting all the settings setup correctly and everything is set to what it should be. I am running the website on a linux server and have set the email options settings to use sendmail and LF. I have also tried to use smtp but there is nowhere that i seen to set these variables.


Thanks for any help.

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Try checking your Apache error log.


Check Admin->Tools->Server Info



Try sending mail to yourself.


Most likely its something configured wrong on your server not OSC settings.


These are the only OSC settings for mail.


My Store


Store Owner

E-Mail Address

E-Mail From

Send Extra Order Emails To



E-Mail Options


E-Mail Transport Method sendmail

E-Mail Linefeeds LF

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails true

Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS false

Send E-Mails true

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Here are the settings on the server:


sendmail_from no value no value

sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

SMTP localhost localhost

smtp_port 25 25


Is the the sendmail_from supposed to have a value set?

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For some reason I dont think its the webserver. I was hoping there was a setting on the osc that I might have missed somewhere. I have other software running on the webserver that uses sendmail with no problems. There is a phpbb forum installed on the site using localhost to sendmail.

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Ok, I just ran the email test contribution and each email was sent using the script. But the mail function is still broke on the osc.


Any ideas?

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Ok, found the problem. Something isnt working right on the mail server. I tried a test on another webserver and everything worked fine.


Thanks for the help.

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