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Handling inventory


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I searched the KB and forums and haven't seen many folks talk about inventory control.


I've been looking at setting up a consignment store, and have been slogging my way

thru issues, and now I've gotten to managing inventory. I looked at EasyPopulate, and

that's great for setting up items, but it doesn't seem to do much for helping with

inventory, but I suppose I could download the database and get the quantity of each

from that I suppose, but it seems like of kludgy.


A second problem is that Quickbooks and Peachtree - neither works for consignment,

but at least they do have inventory if I can shoehorn consignment into them.


How do people handle inventory management? Do you set up oscommerce with the

quantity of each item, and have inventory local, and when something sells, you change

your local inventory count based on sales notifications? And then check against

oscommerce's idea of how many you have once in awhile?


Or is there a way to download just the item/quantity data from oscommerce (maybe with

phpaccess?) and let it be the inventory management?


Any ideas (especially good ones :-) would be greatly appreciated!

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There's a contribution available to sync your QuickBooks database with your osCommerce database...but I haven't really tried it, I can't say how well it works.


For my personal use, the website is only part of the overall picture. I use QuickBooks as my main database where all of the most current records are kept. After I've had several offline orders and I think the osCommerce database needs to be updated, I export a report out of QuickBooks and copy it over into an EasyPopulate file (using the model/price/quantity file as a base) then import that into the database. It's not a great solution, but it's effective.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


Please do not send me PM! I do not read or answer these often. Use the email button instead!


I do NOT support contributions other than my own. Emails asking for support on other people's contributions will be ignored. Ask in the forum or contact the contribution author directly.

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Thanks! That's kind of the thing I was thinking of.


And about Easy Populate, it looks like you're using it to actually change data

in the database (like quantity on hand from 10 to 5 for instance), is this right?


I tried a quick test and it didn't seem to do that for me. I downloaded, changed

the quantity, and uploaded, and the quantity didn't seem to change. If you say

it should, I'll try it again, maybe it was "operator error". :-)


Also, will EasyPopulate delete an item from oscommerce if it's not in the

uploaded database? Again, my test didn't seem to work that way.

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