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Question regarding creating a new product


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Hi guys.


Just a quick question for you. When you create a new product you have various options like Product Manufacturer, Product Name etc. I would like to add my own options here such as Length - but making it specific so that the user cannot choose.


I hope I've explained this clearly, and that you can tell me how I can do this. I'd love to get it onto the site as it would be a big help.


Many Thanks



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If you don't want to use a contribution, and feel confortable with the oscommerce options, try to add attributes to your products, go into the admin area to the product attributes, and make all the options you need, and your costumers just will be able to see, but not to choice them

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I don't mind using a contribution...


I see what you're getting at here...however...I'm going to be having say, various lengths and I would prefer to be able to just type the length in rather than add a new option and select from thousands of lengths if you see what I mean!?


Confusing aren't I! :( :blush:


Many thanks for your help though, and if you could point me in the correct direction to one of the many contributions that could do this I would be most grateful...otherwise, I don't mind doing it myself.

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