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The e-commerce.

Massive Customization - Strategy Advice


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A client has provided a layout of what he wants his store to look like. Very different from the standard osCommerce layout.


I know he will not need alot of the features built into oscommerce.


My question is ...


Should I make the index.php page more static and strip out the php code i don't need, leaving only the parts of osC that fit with the design he wants. Or will this cause nightmares with the admin page?


For instance - I remove the php code that brings in the header and just put my own header right on the page.


Any advice before I start will be greatly appreciated.



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As far as I can see thats not a problem, as long as you conform to the session's, etc.

Kenneth S


Customer "Are you a real programmer?"

Me "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"

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LOL sorry, there is two contributions that I know of, that allow you to change your layout via one template file. This is what I use




It has alloud me to design out sites like this




in less time than it would if I had to change every single file, and that is what you would have to do other wise.


Hope that explains it a little better.



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Thanks, Dennis!


This looks like it will work.


If you can do that very cool site with it, I'm sure that will help.


Thanks again.



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