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The e-commerce.

osCommerce and learning as I go along


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Hello everyone. This is my first post so please be nice to me :)


Here is my question: Given that I only know html and css would I be foolish to attempt to set up / install osCommerce by myself?


I do need an online shop to supplement my brick-and-mortar business. And I have to learn somehow. Learning "on the job" sounds so much nicer than wrestling manuals and text books.


And yes, I am new to php, MySQL and probably most anything else. On the plus side I am used to working long hours and I "run" two 500+ page websites. At least I think that would be a plus.....


I appreciate any input.

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Assuming you're using a hosting companies server so you don't need to learn PHP and MySQL installs at the same time, I say go for it!


It's not hard man...


PHP is basicaly just HTML with a few 'if else's' in it. I reckon twenty minutes tops and you'll be away! (Assuming you are reasonable with HTML as you say....)

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