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I'm wanting a completely new design for my site, something other than what osCommerce currently provides. I only have a few (10 or so) products to sell. I found a site that is simliar to what I'm going for (not the actual layout, but how they took the oscommerce and integrated it into their site)




Can someone give me a BASIC rundown of what it is that I need to do to integrate osCommerce into my site?




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as long as you have the rest of the site built - dropping OSC in (the whole thing essentially just sits in a big table) to your site template is very easy. If you then want to dive in and start reskinning it it depends on how heavy your reskin requirements are. If you just want to keep the layout the same but just change fonts and colours - that's something that someone with basic to middling knowledge can do. It's just changing the stylesheet values and perusing the boards and OSC community site which has good articles on basic reskin jobs for various OSC elements.


If you want a heavy reskin like the site you were looking at (or even heavier like this one: www.sugarpaper.com/store) then you'll need pretty advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.


The site above (sugarpaper.com) was a two week, full-time job. The list of everything I had to do to change it from the standard install into it's current form is way too long to publish here. Not v. helpful in terms of where to get started if you go the heavy route - but it gives you an idea of what you're dealing with I hope ;))





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If you want a heavy reskin


So I can't just make a form with an "add to cart" button referencing a script passing along an id with it?


then you'll need pretty advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.


And, well, although I wouldn't say that I'm in guru status yet, I think I can hold my own fairly well. It's just that I am in a bit of a rush on this project (said I would be done by YESTERDAY! but I'm having 'issues' with the cart and a certain css layout I'm doing-- think I'm going to have to use a bit of tabling to get it finished), and I've never used a cart before (never had the need), so, thought I'd ask before I started dissecting this thing.


So, anyway...


I can't just reference the script in the form and have it run from the 'add to cart' button?




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First you should start out with the STS or BTS contribution. Then design your html site and integrate oscommerce into your site using one of the contributions.

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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yeah you can do that if you like - you don't need OSC at all if that's what you want ;) When you first install OSC this is what you get:




There's a huge admin tool on the backend too. If all you want is to pick a prouduct from a form and capture that in a $_POST or $_GET variable then I'd steer clear of OSC altogether - it's way too big for your needs (and not worth rolling your sleeves up and diving into in that case)


PayPal and WorldPay provide their own shopping cart systems which have a small degree of reskinning - the advantage there is that all the secure payment sections and processing are handled by them so you don't have to worry about all that. Perhaps worth investigating if time is short?



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Thanks, I appreciate it. No, right now they just want a way to 'capture' the order and the credit card number, then they'll process the order themselves. I figure perhaps down the road they'll want something more 'powerful'. I appreciate the info, though, you saved me a whole bunch of work.

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no problem - glad to have helped.


A friend of mine did a site where each product pic and description was hosted on his site. But that was as far as it went. The shopping cart and checkout process were all provided (and hosted by) PayPal. Once completed - they dropped the customer back to my friend's original site. It's good coz the more important aspects (like security and encryption) were all taken care of.


Sounds like the sort of thing you're looking for. Perhaps when your client gets more established and wants something a little more powerful/more integrated then look at OSC (it really is a superb app. and I can't recommend it enough) but for something with only 10 products it's not really worth the trouble or effort at this stage.


Good luck!



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